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At the Law Office of Bonnie Lawston, P.C., we have provided comprehensive estate and probate counsel to clients throughout Nassau County, Suffolk County and the greater New York area for more than 30 years. We focus our practice on estate and probate matters, representing heirs, executors, administrators and personal representatives in a wide range of estate and probate disputes. We can help you navigate the estate administration process, even if you are an out-of-state executor of an estate being administered in the state of New York.

We provide special discounts to SUNY members, as well as members of the armed forces, police officer, firefighters and health care workers. We also offer a senior citizen discount. Our offices are located in Huntington and Brookhaven, but we will come to your home to meet with you, if necessary.

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An Overview of Our Practice

We offer full-service legal counsel in matters involving:

  • Probate, trust and estate administrationWe will walk you through the probate process, helping you prepare an accounting of all debts and assets, oversee payment of all final debts and taxes, and distribute all property in accordance with the terms of the will. We also assist clients with estate and trust administration.
  • Probate, trust and estate litigationWe handle disputes related to the administration or probate of an estate, including allegations of breach of fiduciary duty, will and trust contests, beneficiary claims, and disagreements over the division of real property and other complex assets.
  • Business counsel for professional entertainersWe provide confidential estate planning, real estate and business counsel to a number of well-known entertainers.

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Probate and Estate Attorney dedicated to serving Out-of-State Executor, Administrator, trustee, heir or beneficiary clients

If you live outside of New York are a fiduciary (executor, administrator, or trustee), an heir or a beneficiary of a New York estate, we can help you. We represent clients nationwide. We can guide you and provide all the legal assistance you need to protect your inheritance and the estate.  There is no need for you to travel to New York to serve an estate or maximize your inheritance.  During these stressful times, both emotionally and financially, our firm has developed a unique system to serve you now without the need to travel, of costly legal retainers or monthly bills. We are a full service firm seeking to serve you.  If the decedent died in New York or has assets in New York State,  if you are the executor or fiduciary, heir, beneficiary, of a New York estate, contact our law firm today.

There Are Two Types of New York Estates

Primary NY estate matter involve the decedent residing in NY at the time of death.

  • Ancillary NY estate matters involve a decedent who owned assets located in NY at the time of death but resided in another state such as Florida.
  • If the decedent died with a Will, then the proceeding would be known as a primary probate estate or an ancillary probate proceeding.  If the decedent passed away without a Will, then those estate matters are known as a primary intestate or ancillary intestate estate.

Our dedicated staff will answer your questions and provide all the legal service you need to administer your loved one’s legal affairs while maximizing your inheritance and minimizing the time and expense.

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At the Law Office of Bonnie Lawston, P.C., we provide comprehensive counsel to out-of-state heirs and executors, including ancillary administrators in proceedings in the state of New York. We will help you take the proper steps to be appointed as personal representative in an ancillary proceeding in New York, and will guide you through the process, so that the New York property can be properly distributed.

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