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If your loved one passed away in New York State, or if your loved one had assets based in New York and you reside in another state, then our law firm can assist you with your legal matters. It’s increasingly common for families to find themselves probating the estate of a loved one who lived in New York State, although they themselves live in another state. The process of probating a will or administering an estate or trust must take place in the state in which the decedent lived. It cannot be done in the state where the executor or trustee lives.

“I live in Virginia. When a long lost aunt died, I needed help locally on Long Island. I found Bonnie Lawston through the Internet and was and remain very happy with the service she provided in settling the estate. She operated with calm confidence during a long settlement process and fully achieved our objectives. She was sensitive to my wishes where it did not conflict with proper legal processes. She has a personal interest in providing family information learned during the course of the fact finding. I would recommend her services without reservation.”

~ Ned M.

At the Law Office of Bonnie Lawston, P.C., we work with out-of-state executors and trustees from across the U.S. We provide comprehensive estate and probate services and a superior degree of communication to make the process of cross-state probate easy, no matter how large or complex the estate. If you need to probate or administer a New York estate or you need New York representation for ancillary probate, contact our office to speak with a probate attorney. All work can be done online, through the mail, or by phone. You do not need to come to New York to complete the probate process.

Fulfilling Your Role as an Executor or Trustee

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The roles of the trustee and the executor are very similar in terms of duties. Attorney Bonnie Lawston will help you fulfill each task in the probate, trust or estate administration process without the need to travel to New York, including:

  • Initiating probate and filing all the forms with Surrogate Court and other appropriate venues
  • Collecting, securing, marshalling and inventorying the assets of the estate
  • Resolving debts owed by the estate and collecting debts owed to the estate
  • Obtaining the necessary releases and other forms necessary prior to distributing assets to the beneficiaries as well as distribution of assets
  • Selling all real property and assisting in business closings, and ancillary proceedings to marshal assets outside of the primary state
  • Closing the estate and filing tax forms

Comprehensive Services and Local Resources

Our office has handled estates of all sizes, from a home or bank account to administering multi-million dollar estates and trusts. We work with a number of local professionals to ensure every detail of the estate administration process is handled properly, such as real estate brokers, licensed contractors, investors, insurance agents, bond companies, elder care companies, real estate title companies and CPA’s that specialize in estate issues and taxes.

  • Initiating the probate or estate administration process: We file all forms with the court to begin the trust, probate or administration process, including the appointment of trustees or an executor, guardian ad litem, administration and opening a bank account for the estate, to name a few of many services we provide.
  • Securing the home and possessions: We have contractors on staff to assist us in securing the home and property. We contract with cleaners to prepare the house for sale. We get estimates for repairs and supervise the work of repairmen and building contractors. We provide our clients with full documentation regarding the state of the property and personally oversee all work.
  • Antiques and valuables: We will ensure valuables are placed in secure storage. We arrange for professional appraisals of antiques and art.
  • Sale of a home: We work with an experienced New York real estate broker to obtain maximum value for homes that are sold as part of an estate. We personally prepare all the contracts of sale, conduct the closing and transfer same. We can prepare the papers for you to sign, send them to you and we will conduct the closing. You never have to leave your home or office.
  • Non-trust property: We assist trustees with implementing a pour-over trust, and with probating assets that were not covered by a trust.
  • Estate taxes: We work with several accountants who specializes in probate and estates taxes or we will work with your accountant to maximize the best savings for the estate and carry out your fiduciary duty.

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