We can help you serve the estate and maximize your inheritance taking advantage of our expertise, avoiding pitfalls that estates fall into and taking advantage of all the tax laws and the applications of the tax laws to maximize the estate.

Our firm has been dedicated to protecting your rights and interests as our clients, servicing Long Island for over 28 years. Our firm focuses on probate and estate administration, estate litigation and all trust matters. All types of estate matters are handled and resolved including will contests, spousal rights protected, accounting matters including contested judicial accountings, fraudulent actions by fiduciaries, lost will proceedings, intestacy proceedings and kinship matters.

In assisting clients, we have developed and able to offer deferred retainers to help those who do not have the financial means or liquid funds to retain an attorney right away. The best thing that you can do to protect your interests is to hire an attorney right away. Many of our clients cannot afford to do that so we have developed plans to help solve that problem.

Our clients reside all over the United States while serving as a fiduciary for a New York Estate matter or are a beneficiary of a New York Estate matter. Ancillary matters handled as well as those estates that have contacts with Florida as our attorney is admitted to practice law in New York, Connecticut and Florida.