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Buying and selling Real Estate as an individual

Buying a house can be very scary and expensive. Selling a home can be very exciting to move forward to a new house or it can be very sad if the circumstances are due to a departed loved one. When it comes time to choose an Attorney to work with you, it’s important that  you feel comfortable working with the right Attorney and one that explains the process to you. The small details like the adjustments needed to close on the house are very important and your attorney needs to explain this to you so you are financially prepared for closing costs. We pride ourselves on guiding our clients throughout the process and if there are any questions, we are available, always!  This is the biggest transaction of your life and our law firm keeps track of all your deadlines and what you need to do so that you are not alone in this process.  Our prices are competitive and reasonable.

Selling and buying property as part of an Estate matter

If the selling of the real estate or even buying (which is rare) involves an Estate matter, we assist you in that process.  We will prepare the contracts of sale and appropriate riders as needed,  clear the title and prepare all the closing papers for you.  We will be there with you for the entire process including the closing.
Since this is part of an Estate matter, you really need to take time and relax and rely on an Attorney to hold your hand after the closing. There are many documents you will receive along with a closing statement and our firm will  then process that information for you so you do not have to and in respect to the Estate, prepare the final accounting and final papers necessary to make the distribution of the funds and close out the estate. As a probate attorney, we will do that for you. If you are a fiduciary ( executor, administrator or trustee), and live outside of the county or state, you do not need to be at the closing. If you can not attend the closing, regardless of where you reside, we will make arrangements and prepare the necessary papers for you to sign and we will attend and close on the property without you. After that type of closing, all the documents will be sent to you for your review and for your records. We leave no stone un turned.

Selling and buying a business

Our office will prepare all the necessary documents if you are buying or selling a business, as well as attend the closing. We will keep you informed of each step of the process and what to expect next so that you are fully educated and feel comfortable with your decisions. If this matter involves just you or an estate, the process is similar but different in the forms that need to be prepared however, we will provide you with all the information so that when the transaction is completed, you are completely satisfied with our services. You will receive copies of all the documents that are created before, during and after the transaction for your records and information, for tax purposes and other reasons.

Forming a corporation, LLC or other entity

Its never been so easy, if you hire our office we will simply the process. At the intake,  we will take some basic information from you which includes your contact information, the purpose of the entity, evaluate the type of entity that you need and create same within days for you. You will receive a full entity kit with all the documents necessary to begin your business. We will provide you with the forms necessary for years to come, information as to how to proceed and what to do. If you need our services as you proceed down your new path,  we will be here to help you with necessary forms, meetings, filings etc. Generally once the intake is complete, the entity will be formed within 24-48 business hours. It’s simple, we are just a phone call away.

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We represent clients nationwide, if you are a fiduciary (executor, administrator, or trustee) an heir or beneficiary of a New York estate. If the decedent died in New York or has assets in New York State, we can help you. If you are chosen to represent the estate or if you are receiving an inheritance from a New York estate, contact our law firm today.

There are Two Types of New York Estates

  1. The Decedent resided in NY at the time of death and their domicile is New York at the time of death; or
  2. There are assets located in NY, at the time of death, and an ancillary proceeding is needed. The Decedent may have died elsewhere.

Planning for retirement

Bonnie Lawston dedicates her practice to making the job of the Executor, Administrator, Trustee and Probate or Administration process easy for you. Whether you are a fiduciary, beneficiary or heir, we can help you, protect your interests and maximize your inheritance. The firm has represented individuals throughout the United States and in New York, throughout long island including but not limited to Huntington, Melville, Syosset, Sag Harbor, Garden City, Mineola, Bayshore, Dix Hills, Oyster Bay, Belle Terre, East Norwich, Muttontown, Cold Spring Harbor, Huntington Bay, Lloyd Harbor, Pt. Jefferson, Pt. Washington, Glen Head, Glen Cove, Bayville, South Hampton, Hampton Bays, to name a few, in matters dealing with Estate and Probate administration. For more information, contact Law Office of Bonnie Lawston at 631-425-7299 for a free consultation.