Living Wills and Health Care Proxies

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Establishing Who Will Make Medical Decisions for You If You Cannot

When you suffer an injury or medical condition that renders you incapable of making your own decisions about treatment, the responsibility will fall to one of your loved ones. If you haven’t planned for such a contingency, your loved one may have little or no idea what your preferences would be. Do you want to be kept alive by any means? Do you want to undergo life-threatening surgery? One of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones is to address these issues before they happen. You can put a document in place that specifically states your wishes regarding resuscitation or life support. You can also designate a specific person to take responsibility for all medical decisions.

At the Law Office of Bonnie Lawston, we have more than two decades of practical, hands-on estate planning experience. We have a comprehensive understanding of the tools available to you, and the strategies you can implement to put a clear and cohesive estate plan in place, so that your loved ones are spared a great deal of stress, anxiety and potential expense.

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Helping You Prepare for Future Medical Decisions

Attorney Lawston will take the time to learn the details of your situation, and will carefully explain the different measures you can take to ensure that your wishes are followed regarding medical treatment. We can help you meet your goals through the preparation and execution of:

  • A living will—a living will is your statement of your wishes regarding future medical treatment. A living will customarily includes provisions regarding resuscitation and the use of artificial life support. It can also include statements regarding the use of medication or your desire to have surgery.
  • A health care proxy—A health care proxy simply identifies and empowers another person (someone you designate) to make health care decisions for you if you cannot. If you name someone as your health care proxy, you should carefully apprise them of your wishes before you execute the document.


Out-of-State Executor Attorney

We represent clients nationwide, if you are a fiduciary (executor, administrator, or trustee) an heir or beneficiary of a New York estate. If the decedent died in New York or has assets in New York State, we can help you. If you are chosen to represent the estate or if you are receiving an inheritance from a New York estate, contact our law firm today.

There are Two Types of New York Estates

  1. The Decedent resided in NY at the time of death and their domicile is New York at the time of death; or
  2. There are assets located in NY, at the time of death, and an ancillary proceeding is needed. The Decedent may have died elsewhere
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