To administer your loved one’s estate depends on several factors.

  • First you must determine if your loved one executed a valid Last Will and Testament or died without a Will.
  • A list of assets need to be made and evaluated to determine the type of assets that your loved one owned at the time of death, how title was held and value of same.
  • The appropriate type of petition and proceeding would then be commenced in Surrogate Court.
  • Marshal the assets, circulate the proposed distribution letters and releases, file all closure estate documents.

Generally, you will need the advice and guidance of an attorney to quickly evaluate the type of proceeding to commence and the proper forms to avoid unnecessary cost and expense to you and the Estate.   Once all the court documents are properly executed and filed, and all notices and jurisdiction issues are satisfied, and a fiduciary is appointed, you would then marshal all the assets and satisfy all liabilities prior to distribution.

Our firm will not only provide you with the guidance to quickly process the administration of an estate, saving you time and money, but also prepare the accounting and necessary releases required prior to distribution so that you are relieved of all liability.

The final documents that are executed by all beneficiaries would then discharge you of any and all personal responsibility.  Upon the completion of the administration of the Estate, whether that be probate matter or intestacy proceeding, you would then receive your commissions or payment for your time and service to the Estate.

Hiring the Law Office of Bonnie Lawston, PC, a firm that is experienced and works for you, saves time and money while maximizing the Estate and your inheritance.

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