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Long Island Estate and Probate Litigation Lawyer

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When your loved one passes away, you need time to grieve. You don’t want to have to resolve disputes over the division of his or her estate. Unfortunately, executors and personal representatives or others may engage in improper behavior. You may have concerns that a Will was signed under duress or undue influence, or that your loved one may have signed the document without understanding its terms. The Will may have been lost or there may be a dispute over who qualifies as an heir. You want an experienced estate attorney to protect your rights.
At the Law Office of Bonnie Lawston, we have aggressively represented residents of Nassau County and Suffolk County on Long Island in estate controversies for more than 20 years. We have successfully litigated all types of estate and probate disputes, including will contests and trust disputes to allegations of breach of fiduciary duty or denial of beneficiary rights, in jury and non-jury trials in courts across Long Island and throughout the greater New York City area.   We are very sensitive to what you are going through as well as the financial aspect of litigation and how costly it can be. We have many retainers that alleviate the financial burden and allow for the payment to be deferred and to be paid from the estate or from the inheritance share.
At our office, we offer special discounts to senior citizens, as well as service personnel, firefighters, police officers and health care workers. We will also come to your home, if necessary, to learn about your concerns.
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Our Estate and Probate Litigation Practice

Bonnie Lawston is an experienced trial attorney who has handled a broad range of estate and probate disputes, including lawsuits involving:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty—Allegations of wrongful illegal, mismanagement of funds and assets, wasting of estate assets, failure to protect estate assets and collect estate assets such as rent and claims, or unethical acts by administrators, executors or personal representatives, such as conflicts of interest, self-dealing, fraudulent transfers and accounting fraud.
  • Contested estate planning documents—Disagreements over the validity of a will, trust or power of attorney, including concerns about lack of capacity, undue influence, fraud or duress.
  • Beneficiary claims—Disputes by rightful beneficiaries related to denial of an inheritance.
  • Complex property division—We help resolve disputes over the distribution or allocation of jointly owned real estate, as well as the proceeds of a wrongful death lawsuit.
We represent out-of-state executors and administrators and beneficiary and hers in estate litigation in New York estate matters.


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We represent clients nationwide, if you are a fiduciary (executor, administrator, or trustee) an heir or beneficiary of a New York estate. If the decedent died in New York or has assets in New York State, we can help you. If you are chosen to represent the estate or if you are receiving an inheritance from a New York estate, contact our law firm today.

There are Two Types of New York Estates

  1. The Decedent resided in NY at the time of death and their domicile is New York at the time of death; or
  2. There are assets located in NY, at the time of death, and an ancillary proceeding is needed. The Decedent may have died elsewhere.

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