New York Estate Administration Litigation Attorney serving all of Nassau & Suffolk Counties in NY

Why do I need an estate litigation attorney?

  • Our firm will represent the interest of heirs and beneficiaries to protect their interests.
  • Attorneys for estates do not protect you as an heir or beneficiary.
  • We also represent and protect administrators.
  • Estate litigation often involves seeking the return of assets, negligence and fraud.
  • We will work to seek out these issues to protect you and maximize your inheritance and estate assets.

Since these actions are often hidden, your very skilled and experienced litigation staff can navigate the court proceedings quickly for you.

Many of the estate litigation involves:

  • Will contests
  • Fiduciary litigation
  • Trust contests
  • Contested accountings
  • Spousal right of election claims
  • Wasted assets and other breach of duty, negligence and other claims.

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