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When you have been named as administrator, executor or personal representative of an estate, even if the deceased left a well-drafted will, you want an experienced lawyer to guide you through the probate process. You’ll be asked to do a number of things you have probably never done before, and as the executor, you’ll have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the estate. An experienced attorney can help you avoid any pitfalls.

At the Law Office of Bonnie Lawston, we have provided comprehensive counsel in estate administration matters for over 20 years. We will help you understand the law and the process, so that you always have a clear sense of your rights and responsibilities.

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Our Estate Administration Practice

We will assist you throughout the probate process, from your appointment as executor to the closing of the estate. We will help you:

  • Prepare and file an accounting of the debts and assets of the estate
  • Pay all final debts and obligations of the decedent
  • Prepare and file of all required tax returns
  • Oversee the orderly distribution of the assets of the estate as set forth in the will

We offer the full range of estate administration services to out-of-state clients who have an interest in a New York estate, whether as heirs, executors, administrators or trustees.

We can also represent you in any dispute related to or arising out of a the administration of an estate.

Just a Simple Estate Matter

Litigation is not necessary.

As an estate and probate attorney, we try to avoid litigation whenever possible. However, there are times when family members have issues and it becomes impossible that your only option is litigation. When family members do not agree, sometimes a Citation or Summons to Court or an attorney may need to file a motion requesting certain relief or the Court’s intervention.

Most matters are generally resolved without litigation. Very few of our estate matters ever need to go to trial. Most cases are resolved before. If litigation is your only option, our office will seek to administer the Estate as quickly and as inexpensive as possible.

We are not just a litigation firm, but an estate administration and probate firm that provides a full service, as needed. This means we will help administer the estate for you from securing the real property, preparing the real property for sale, collecting all assets, settlement of liabilities and filing the necessary closing papers with the Court. We handle a variety of estate matters, from small estates, ancillary matters to very large estates and trust administration.

Remember if you need to sell property or collect rent, as an example, we can petition the Court for permission to allow you to legally do what you need to do while the Estate probate or administration process is still pending in Court.  There are times where a relative must be served with papers or a person can not be located, while that is pending we can make an emergency application and obtain the relief needed to save the estate time and money.

Whether you reside in New York or not, we will file all the necessary papers with the Surrogate Court, marshal all the assets and file all the necessary papers to distribute the estate and close same out so you do not have it.  It’s simple, we will make the process simple for you.

If the decedent had a valid Will, it is called a “probate matter.”

  • If there is no Will, the estate proceeding is called an “administration matter.”
  • To collect, sell and distribute your loved one’s assets, either the person named in the Will or interested party (generally a family member) must apply to the Court for such appointment. A series of documents are prepared for execution and filed.

As our client, I can assure you that you will be informed of the entire process and what to expect.   We will provide the advice and guidance necessary so that you can minimize the expenses to the estate and to you.   If you are the fiduciary (executor, administrator or trustee) of the Estate, the legal fees are paid by the Estate and you entitled to be reimbursed for any estate related expenses as well as a commission.  We have many different types of retainers that we offer to help you with the financial matters and help alleviate the stress as much as possible.


Out-of-State Executor Attorney

We represent clients nationwide, if you are a fiduciary (executor, administrator, or trustee) an heir or beneficiary of a New York estate. If the decedent died in New York or has assets in New York State, we can help you. If you are chosen to represent the estate or if you are receiving an inheritance from a New York estate, contact our law firm today.

There are Two Types of New York Estates

  1. The Decedent resided in NY at the time of death and their domicile is New York at the time of death; or
  2. There are assets located in NY, at the time of death, and an ancillary proceeding is needed. The Decedent may have died elsewhere
New York estate & probate attorney

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