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If your loved one passed away in New York State, or if your loved one had assets based in New York and you reside in another state, then our law firm can assist you with your legal matters.

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New York Estate & Probate Attorney

Whether you are a fiduciary or beneficiary, we can help you.

Exclusive focus on probate, estates & trusts · 20+ years of experience · Various retainer options available

Phone: (631) 425-7299

The Law Office of Bonnie Lawston practices exclusively in the area of estate administration and probate litigation. Whether a loved one has named you executor or administrator in a will, you are a beneficiary of an estate and wish to challenge the validity of a will, trust or estate or need help with other estate matters, we are here to help you. From initiating probate to filing estate taxes and closing an estate, you can rely on our law firm to help you carry out your fiduciary responsibilities as an executor.