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Attorney Bonnie Lawston, with over 29 years as an experienced estate, trusts and probate attorney, including litigation.

“Retainer Fees Waived  in most all cases”

  •  Our unique financial plans eliminate the need to pay a legal retainer or pay monthly bills
  •  Dedicated staff with experience, dedication and compassion to administer the estate quickly
  •  Eliminate the stress and maximize your estate, saving time and money.

We have designed our practice to alleviate the stress to help you and our clients during this time.  Ms. Lawston prides herself on helping everyone that she can and extending her services to those that cannot normally afford legal counsel.

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NY Probate, Estate Intestate, Estate Administration & Trust Attorney

Bonnie Lawston

The Law Office of Bonnie Lawston, P.C.
Location: Huntington, New York
Second location: Eastern Long Island
Fax: (866) 431-0101


Making Probate, Intestacy Estates and Trust matters Easy

We Have the Experience that Benefits You

Bonnie Lawston is an experienced attorney with over 30 years as an experienced estate, trusts and probate attorney.  With her litigation experience, she is well respected in Surrogate’ Court on Long Island where she practices

  • She is a certified member of the Guardian Ad Litem Panel for Surrogate Court in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.
  • She is also a former certified member of the 18B Family and Criminal Court Panel for Suffolk County Courts,
  • A former member of the Referee Panel for Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

For most of her career, Ms. Lawston has been involved in extensive administration of probate, administration and trust proceedings.

Helping fiduciaries and beneficiaries maximize the estate and their inheritance by saving time and money.

She has years of real estate experience selling and buying homes and businesses, which is a great asset in handling estates for clients.  In additional, she is licensed to practice law in the State of Connecticut and Florida. In Florida, she mainly only accepts cases dealing with estate and trust matters, both administration and litigation. Many of us now have contacts in the sunshine state and her knowledge assists many of our clients who have assets both in New York and Florida. Bonnie Lawston can always be reached on weekends, evenings and holidays and every client can count on receiving personal attention. The Long Island Law Office of Bonnie Lawston, P.C.  is committed to serving you.

For more information, contact Law Office of Bonnie Lawston, P.C.  at (631) 425-7299 for a free case evaluation and consultation.

Estate and Trust Administration and Litigation

Her practice extends from probating simple wills and the administration of small estates to large complex multimillion-dollar estates and trusts. She will assist you as the executor, administrator, trustee, beneficiary or heir and make sure that you not only fulfill all your fiduciary duties, but also maximize your inheritance.

When you seek our help, we make sure that you also understand each step of the process as it unfolds. We provide as much information as we can so that you are comfortable with our legal services and you can make informed decisions regarding your loved one’s estate and most of all in carrying out their wishes. Knowing what to expect is important. Our firm prides itself on informing each and every client as what is expected of them. In addition, we keep you informed of the progress of your estate matter.  We will ensure that assets pass on according to the decedent’s expressed desires and that you receive all the tax benefits available. We work with clients to protect their interests and the best interests of the estates and do so with the least amount of expense and exposure to tax liability. We want to maximize your inheritance. If you are simply inheriting funds of an estate, we will scrutinize the records and actions of the estate’s fiduciary to ensure that your rights are fully protected, and that the fiduciary has complied with all the applicable laws so that you receive all the funds entitled to you.

We also represent heirs that are related but need to prove their relationship to the decedent to claim their inheritances. In addition, we file claims for spouses that have been disinherited or wronged by the fiduciary or trustee. If the administrator or executor is living in the decedent’s home and will not administer the estate, we can help you file the necessary motions to bring wrongful conduct to an end.   We handle all types of estate and trust matters.

Our firm is experienced in all types of litigation involving estate and trust matters. To help our clients obtain legal representation and protection, our firm offers deferred retainer agreements to the clients and estate matters that qualify. If you do not have the funds to retain an attorney immediately but need representation, our firm will evaluate your case to see if you are eligible for such a retainer, whereby there is no legal fee due until the resolution of the estate matter. Our firm has various types of retainers designed to help the client obtain representation now. The sooner you are represented, the sooner you can resolve your case and also save money both in legal fees, protracted litigation and waste of estate assets by others.


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