Ancillary Proceedings

Handling Ancillary Matters in Probate and Intestacy Proceedings in New York

Ancillary Proceedings in New York

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Property in New York

Now many of us have second homes or some asset in another state other then the state that we reside in.  If your loved one died a resident of another state but owns real property in New York or Florida, we can help commence and administer an ancillary proceeding.  In order to sell real property owned by the decedent in another state you must commence a secondary proceeding where the real property is located. 

Our probate and estate administration attorneys will file all the necessary probate court documents and other forms required to complete this process so that you can collect all the assets of the Estate. Our firm will then assist you with the collection and sale of the real property, helping you from the inception to the end of the estate process including distribution.

Has your loved one died in another state but owns real estate in New York?

An ancillary proceeding is where the decedent died in one state but owns real estate and similar types of assets in another state.

Letters of Administration or Testamentary

States requires Letters of Administration or Testamentary through this special proceeding before you can collect such an asset, mainly real estate. Our law firm can maximize your inheritance? and the Estate’s value. If your loved one owns property in New York state but died in another state, we can assist you.

Our expertise and years of experience will work for you to avoid the common pitfalls such as improper distributions or payment of liabilities without compromise that most fiduciaries find themselves facing which can be very costly unless you know how to avoid same and rectify those issues. We represent fiduciaries and heirs of such estates and trusts, from small to very large estates and know how to avoid these problems before they happen. By taking certain actions the Estate can avoid unnecessary fees and expenses that those may otherwise experience.

Many of our clients live outside of New York

If you cannot or do not want to come to New York to sell real estate or appear in Surrogate’s Court, you do not have to. We can represent you as well as prepare all the necessary documents to sell real estate for which you will execute and return to our office via mail and other means.

Ancillary Proceedings Disputes

We handle all types of disputes that may arise in an ancillary proceeding, including situations involving:

  • Foreign judgments in the name of the deceased
  • Mortgage foreclosure actions or property with delinquent or outstanding mortgage payments
  • Tax foreclosure actions, including tax liens

Real Estate Experience

Attorney Lawston has years of experience buying and selling residential and commercial real estate, and can assist you in an ancillary proceeding with:

  • Finding a realtor or purchaser for the out-of-state property
  • Resolving any liens or encumbrances on out-of-state property
  • Responding to foreclosure actions